Academia Ecuatoguineana de la Lengua Española (AEGLE)

On 17th February, we had the pleasure to attend a meeting of the Equatoguinean Academy of the Spanish Language (AEGLE) in Malabo and to tell them about our current research in Equatorial Guinea. It was an honor to meet both the Academy’s president (Agustín Nze Nfumu) and the vice president (Julián Bibang Oyee), as well as other members of the Academy who wanted to know about our career as linguists and our research project. They offered us their support both in practical and administrative issues, which we really appreciate very much.

On Tuesday 22nd February, we could travel to South Bioko with the official vehicle of the AEGLE, accompanied by the chief of staff of the president of the Academy. More precisely, after a short stop in Luba, where we were introduced to the regional governor, we were delighted to get to know the mayor of Batete, a small village in the most southwestern part of Bioko. He not only participated himself in our survey, but also motivated some of his staff to do the same!