Teaching means a lot to me and is an important part of my work. I love to prepare classes and to share topics, knowledge, questions and ideas with my students. I have a didactic and pedagogical formation both by the University of Basel (Academic Teaching Certificate) and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (High school teacher diploma for Spanish and History). As well, I like to exchange ideas about teaching with colleagues and experts to further improve my teaching skills.

Since 2010, I have been teaching about a wide variety of linguistic topics at the Seminar for Ibero-Romance Studies of the University of Basel, both on Bachelor and on Master level. Further, in 2017, I had the chance to teach a Master’s Seminar about Sociolinguistics and Language Policies of Spanish in Africa at the Center for the Study of Language and Society of the University of Bern. In addition, I had the opportunity to teach about Spanish Didactics at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) in 2015 and to work as a Spanish teacher during three years at the Gymnasium Bäumlihof in Basel (2010-2013).

In what follows, you can get an impression of what I have been teaching during the last years.

Linguistic Courses and Seminars (BA and MA), University of Basel

Global Spanish: Spanish in Europe, America, Africa and Asia

  • El español en la Península Ibérica: panorama histórico / Spanish in the Iberian Peninsula: Historical Overview (view content here
  • Historia del español en América / History of Spanish in America (view content here)
  • Spanisch in Afrika: Geschichte, Politik und Soziolinguistik / Spanish in Africa: History, Politics and Sociolinguistics (view content here)
  • El español en África y Asia / Spanish in Africa and Asia (view content here)

Sociolinguistics and language ideologies

  • Variación social y actitudes lingüísticas en Madrid / Social variation and language attitudes in Madrid (Co-Teaching with Dr. María Sancho Pascual, Universidad Complutense de Madrid / Universidad de Alcalá) (view content here)

  • El paisaje lingüístico como acercamiento al espacio urbano. El caso de Basilea / Linguistic landscape as an approach to urban space. The case of Basel (view content here)

  • Ideologías e imaginarios lingüísticos en el mundo hispánico / Linguistic ideologies and imaginaries in the Hispanic world (view content here

  • Ideologías lingüísticas en torno a la lengua española / Linguistic ideologies around the Spanish language (view content here)

  • ¿Guinea Ecuatorial como parte de la Hispanidad? / Equatorial Guinea as part of la Hispanidad? (view content here)

  • Visibilizar lo invisible: lenguas indígenas en el mundo iberorrománico / Making the invisible visible: indigenous languages in the Ibero-Romance world (Lecture series, organization together with Prof. Dr. Y. Bürki, University of Berne) (view content here)

  • Ein kritischer Blick auf Linguistik aus postkolonialer und dekolonialer Perspektive / A critical look at linguistics from a postcolonial and decolonial perspective (view content here

Historical Linguistics, Morphosyntax and Discourse Analysis

  • Morfosintaxis histórica del español / Historical morphosyntax of Spanish (view content here)
  • Sintaxis española: teoría y práctica / Spanish syntax: theory and practice (view content here)
  • La expresión de la condicionalidad y de la concesividad en español actual / The expression of conditionality and concessivity in current Spanish (view content here)
  • Lectura lingüística de textos medievales / Linguistic reading of medieval texts (view content here)
  • El Cantar de mio Cid desde la lingüística y la literatura / The Cantar de mio Cid from the perspective of linguistics and literature (view content here)
  • Registros y tipos textuales / Textual registers and types (view content here)


  • Introducción al judeoespañol: historia y caracterización / Introduction to Judeo-Spanish: history and characterization (Co-Teaching) (view content here)
  • El judeoespañol, del siglo XVIII al XXI / Judeo-Spanish, from the 18th to the 21st century (Co-Teaching) (view content here)
  • La prensa judeoespañola: contenidos y lengua / The Judeo-Spanish press: contents and language (Co-Teaching) (view content here)
  • Lectura y transcripción de textos sefardíes aljamiados: introducción y práctica / Reading and transcription of Sephardic aljamiado texts: introduction and practice (Co-Teaching) (view content here

Introductory Courses 

  • Introducción a la lingüística española I / Introduction to Spanish linguistics I  (view content here)
  • Introducción a la lingüística española II / Introduction to Spanish linguistics II (view content here)
  • Fundamentos de lingüística hispánica I / Fundamentals of Hispanic linguistics I  (view content here)
  • Fundamentos de lingüística hispánica II / Fundamentals of Hispanic linguistics II (view content here)

Language Course

  • Presentación oral y retórica / Oral presentation and rhetoric (view content here

Linguistic Seminar (Master), Center for the Study of Language and Society, University of Bern (09-12/2017)

  • Soziolinguistik und Sprachpolitik des Spanischen in Afrika / Sociolinguistics and language policy of Spanish in Africa (Center for the Study of Language and Society, University of Berne) (view content here)

Spanish Didactics, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), Basel (substitution, 09-10/2015)

Spanish lessons, Gymnasium Bäumlihof, Basel (08/2010-06/2013)