Back home

It was already night when the Lufthansa plane left the runway of Malabo’s international airport. We glimpsed one last time at the lights of the city where we had spent the beginning and the end of our stay. Our minds recalled some of the many experiences we had had, and our hearts were filled with gratitude. There were only a few people who left from Malabo with us; but the plane was completely filled during the stepover in Lagos, Nigeria.

Although we did not get much sleep, the six-hour flight from Lagos to Frankfurt passed quickly. We landed in Frankfurt on time, where we immediately noticed the change in temperature. Two of our loved ones were waiting for us as we left the airport, what a perfect surprise!

The rest of the trip to Basel also passed without any problems, although with a one hour delay due to the suspension of our train (Deutsche Bahn…). All the material collected in Equatorial Guinea was brought home in suitcases and backpacks; a lot of work remains to be done, but we have already achieved a lot of work too! THANK YOU to everyone who made it possible – you are a fundamental part of this project: “Improving the visibility of Equatorial Guinea as a Spanish-speaking country”. We keep in touch!