Corpus for the study of the current Spanish of Equatorial Guinea

I am more than delighted to announce a new publication, which I co-author together with Sara Carreira. The publication is of particular importance for our research project "Improving the visibility of Equatorial Guinea as a Spanish-speaking country", as we present our data corpus, which we collected in Equatorial Guinea in February and March 2022.

The corpus contains oral and written data from Equatoguinean men and women who belong to different ethnic and age groups, live in different parts of the country (island of Bioko and mainland Río Muni), and have varying levels of education. After providing an overview of the geography, ethnic composition, history and sociolinguistic landscape of Equatorial Guinea, our article delves into the data collection process and the analysis tools used. It then describes the properties of the sample, the programs used in the data analysis, as well as the planned studies.

The extensive corpus provides a unique insight into the current Spanish of Equatorial Guinea and makes it possible to carry out various sociolinguistic and dialectological analyses. The publication in the renowned journal Boletín de Filología is available online.