Migration, pluricentrism and accommodation

Together with my two colleagues from Düsseldorf, Rolf Kailuweit and Eva Staudinger, I am delighted that our joint volume Migración, pluricentrismo y acomodación. Nuevas perspectivas desde la lengua española has been published by Nomos this year (2023). The open access volume is already available. It brings together 10 chapters that approach the topics of migration, pluricentrism and accommodation from different methodological and theoretical perspectives, offering exciting new insights into current dynamics in the Spanish-speaking world.

In one chapter, I consider the position of Equatorial Guinea based on the concept of pluricentrism. Even if we are not dealing with a normative center of its own here, pluricentrism offers important approaches that give the Equatoguinean variety of Spanish more visibility and recognition.