Early in the morning of 2nd March we were picked up by our driver at the Panafrica Hotel in Bata to start our trip to the interior of Río Muni. After a nice journey of about an hour, we arrived in the small town of Niefang, about 60 kilometers from Bata. There we were already awaited in the school / boarding school of the Missionaries of the Immaculate Conception. We were warmly welcomed by the sisters and the participating women devoted themselves to the different activities with absolute dedication.

In the afternoon, we were able to continue our work right in front of the school, in a classroom of the parish of Niefang; remember the famous novel by Joaquín Mbomío Bacheng: El párroco de Niefang (The Parish Priest of Niefang). The large number of participants forced us to improvise, run and sweat! It was a very successful afternoon.

Thank you very much for your great help and warm welcome in Niefang, Florentina and Father Salustiano!