Saying goodbye to Bata

Today, Sunday, 6th March, is our first day off after three weeks of non-stop work. Tired, but very satisfied and grateful for all that we have been able to experience in the last days, we enjoy our walk along the beautiful promenade of Bata. We stroll from our hotel, past the Cultural Center of Spain, to the Freedom Tower. From a small walkway in the sea, we have a beautiful view of the city; and we also spot the towers of the Cathedral of Bata. Both the promenade and some of the large hotels and buildings on the seafront mark a strong contrast with many of the city’s neighborhoods, where houses are humble, there are no luxuries, and many people live without regular income. Like the whole country, Bata is a city of many contrasts.

We enjoy the rest of the day with some friends whose support was fundamental to successfully carry out our work in the continental part. Thank you very much, you are an unsurpassable team!