Thank you and goodbye!

Today, 10th March 2022, is our last day in Equatorial Guinea. We are grateful for these four weeks full of positive impressions, unforgettable experiences, and unique encounters. In a short time, we were able to visit different parts of the country and work in cultural centers and schools, a boarding school, a town hall, religious centers and in the homes of various people. We were able to interview both young and old people from different ethnic groups and socio-cultural backgrounds. Even though the stay was much shorter than planned according to the initial project approach, we managed to reach the number of surveys we needed… and even more! Of course, all of this was only possible thanks to the enormous and selfless help of many local people. We are very grateful and will always carry these talks and conversations in our hearts.

Yesterday evening, 9th March, we organized a small farewell dinner for a group of friends and participants in the Spanish Cultural Center in Malabo. The owner of the restaurant of the Center prepared all kinds of delicious tapas, so we really enjoyed this last evening in Malabo.

Now there are only hours left until we have to go to the airport… We will embark on our way back looking forward to seeing our families in Switzerland again, but also with some tears because we have felt at ease here in Guinea. The only thing that is left to say is: Goodbye and see you next time! And, above all: THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!