Towards a dynamic theory of language contact

On March 17th and 18th, 2023, we had the great pleasure to participate in a block seminar here at the University of Basel with Prof. Dr. Azucena Palacios (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) on the topic "Spanish in contact with Amerindian languages: towards a dynamic theory of language contact". We learned a lot about language contact and about the relevance of looking at the topic from a dynamic perspective that focuses on the agency of the speakers (and not primarily on linguistic structural aspects). It was impressive to hear Prof. Palacio's accounts and personal anecdotes from her many years of research in different Latin American countries: Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay...

Please have a look here for further information on the research group "Español en Contacto".

Many thanks to Prof. Palacios for her visit to Basel and for the wonderful seminar! Also, many thanks to Sara Carreira for the practical organization and to the Hermann Paul School of Linguistics for the financial support!