Visiting two schools

On 18th February we visited the village of Basupú del Oeste, which is located a few kilometers west of Malabo. The principal of the Colegio Nacional Basupú del Oeste welcomed us warmly and showed us around the school. We had the opportunity to enter several classrooms, from preschool to high school, and we were able to chat with some of the children. Then we got to work with a group of teachers, who despite the heat collaborated with maximum concentration and motivation.

On 19th February we continued working at another school, this time at Colegio Santa Teresita in the old center of Malabo. Once again, we were welcomed with open arms and open hearts. In the school library and in two classrooms we were able to work calmly all morning with a mixed group of students and teachers. We felt at home and left grateful for the great interest and the many expressions of gratitude from the people who participated.

Many thanks to both schools for supporting our project! Thank you very much Enriqueta y María Jesús!