Voces de una comunidad africana poco visible

I took advantage of my brief stay in Madrid to visit the publishing house/bookstore Diwan-Mayrit, where I published my book Voces de una comunidad africana poco visible. Los guineoecuatorianos en Madrid a few months ago. Diwan-Mayrit is located in a quiet area of the Spanish capital, on Calle del Puerto Canfranc, 20, near the metro stop Nueva Numancia. As soon as I entered, I felt very cordially received and immediately found my book on one of the shelves, next to those of my colleague and friend Juan Riochí Siafá.
It really was a very successful decision to publish with Diwan-Mayrit: from the beginning, the review and publication process was highly constructive and productive, and I have always been perfectly taken care of. And we will continue to work together: there will be an online presentation of the book in September! The exact date is still to be announced.